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FENG.J is the young leading high jewelry designer in China. She
established her Haute Joaillerie brand in Paris and Shanghai.
After obtained the Master Degree of Jewelry Design in University
of the Arts London in 2012, FENG.J worked for the jewelry
department of Alexander McQueen in London, then went to
Paris, at the legendary BJO. Formation studying european
jewelry craftsmanship. She acquired GIA (Gemmological Institute
of America) G.G and the professional certificate of Gubelin Lab
Academy in Switzerland. FENG.J has atelier at Place Vendome in
Paris to produce her exquisite one-of-a-kind creations. In 2015,
FENG.J’s artistic jewelry piece has made the China jewelry
designer’s highest sales record in POLY (Hong Kong) Auction House.
FENG.J now lives in Paris and Shanghai, her masterpieces are
collected by lots of celebrities and reputable jewelry collectors
in a world - wide range.
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Mail: contact@feng-j.com

Appointment Call: ( Shanghai ) + 8621 6339 0860

( Paris ) + 33 6320 65618

MP: + 86 185 121 55030

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